17 Things To Avoid Saying in a Pitch

You finally have the meeting you've been waiting for. Will you walk away victorious? Don't blow it by by saying any of these things! An hour-long video tutorial and PDF.

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MovieHatch: Checklists for Pitching

Reduce your overwhelm by using a set of checklists. 4 categories: PR, Sales & Marketing, Film Festivals and General. Only $37 for 12 lists with over 250 items and room for notes.

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MovieHatch Pitch Feedback Session

A 60-75 minute live Skype Pitching Session with advice on how to improve your pitch. You'll have the floor with our full attention to get immediate, constructive feedback!

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One Sense Ahead
Companion Guide

Are you trying to pitch to the entertainment industry? Pitching is at the heart of everything. This guide goes with the bestselling book ONE SENSE AHEAD...

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Lauren Hirsch-Williams

As the Founder of MovieHatch and Co-Founder of Global Media Fusion, Lauren brings a wealth of experience to all products and courses... including her corporate executive work as WorldWide Director of Advertising and Consumer Communications at PepsiCo, award-winning screenwriting, and consulting/entrepreneur skills with startups. She's been accountable for over $250M in media production budgets and knows what makes consumers tick.

Robert Blagman

Robert Blagman is the Co-Founder of Global Media Fusion with Lauren but has founded other companies and television networks around the world. He took his direct response ad agency public and has used those skills as he went on to develop over 4,000 hours annually of global television programming. He worked directly for Disney but has also worked with hundreds of other big brands and networks.


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